Pearl Thief

Something just for fun.
Swim the ocean stealing pearls from the oyster while avoiding the dangers of the sea.

Pearl Thief is a device motion controled game so it is important we learn what is a comfortable playing position for you. The three squares on the right hand side of your screen when green indicates your selected playing position. Select play when they are all green. At any time you may change your positioning by touching one of the squares. You have the option of saving your score and reviewing the top five players scores by selecting game standings. 
Your playing position adjustment screen 
Tilting your device forward and back will turn the player in a new direction
The Clam
The Oyster , dont let him get the Pearls
Spikey will chase you around and can cause some damage if you come into contact with him
The shark will try to get the pearls before you can but be carefull hitting him is not a great idea
Watch out for the boat.
You do not want to get traped in its net or suffer from a little illegal dynomite fishing